How To Fix A Dent In The Wall

Beginner level

Job Duration : 1 Hour

Kids, pets, life - accidents happen! If you find yourself with a dent in your wall, we have a very simple solution for you to try yourself.

What You Need

  • Selleys Wall Putty 
  • 240grit sandpaper 
  • Cloth for cleaning

Step-by-Step Guide


  1. Make sure the surface to be filled is clean, dry and free of loose or powdery material
  2. Sand the surface lightly if needed to remove any sharp edges
  3. Use the scraper provided to apply Selleys Wall Putty filler firmly into the hole. 
  4. Allow at least 30 minutes drying time and lightly sand if needed. Allow a longer for deeper dents and holes or in colder weather
  5. Your wall is now ready to paint.

Handy Tips

  • Spatula provided can be cleaned with water.