How To Seal A Ceramic Bathroom Sink

Beginner level

Job Duration : 1 Hour

Getting a proper seal around your bathroom sink prevents water penetration.

Here’s the best way to ensure a complete seal around your sink area to make it easier to clean and less prone to water damage and dis-colouration.

What You Need


Step-by-Step Guide


  1. Clean your workspace so that it’s free from dust and debris. If necessary, cut away or remove any existing silicone. Contaminants will prevent a decent bond, so wipe over the area with some thinner.
  2. Load the Selleys S601 Silicone Sealant cartridge into your a caulking gun.
  3. Hold the sealant tip at a 45 degree angle and apply the silicone evenly and with a steady hand. When you reach the end of the area you want to seal, release the lever to stop the flow of silicone.
  4. Use a damp finger or rounded spatula to wipe off any excess product to ensure a smooth, clean finish. Allow the silicone to cure before exposing to water (approximately 10 hours).
  5. Clean up any excess and tools with thinner before the product cures.

Handy Tips

  • For neater joints, using masking tape along the joint like and remove the tape before the sealant dries off.